Adoption Option

Available Animals

Adoption Option has been operationg since 2001, working hard to give all of our animals a loving home. Our animals are all guaranteed family safe, house trained, and there is an option to have your animal neutered- free of cost! With your help, we can save each animal and give them the life they deserve.

Did you know, each year, approximately 2.7 million animals are put down? Did you know, thousands of animals each year go without a loving family? Did you know, 1/4 of pets are abused? Did you know you can make a difference? By adopting just one animal, you are making a difference. It may seem like one animal saved isn't a lot compared to the whole world, but that one animal, just had their whole world saved. Please, contact a local shelter or website so that you can make a difference today! A fellow pet adoption sight for those who do not find the pet of their dreams with us.